Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secret Sister Box Round 2

Its taken me a long time to write about round two. I had an awesome secret sister who sent me some pretty amazing items. She zentangled with acrylic paint and it actually had texture and then coverd it in glossy accents. She also gave me an art Doll thats got to be the cutest lil doll I have seen in a while. She put some metal charms in the box as well. She did a few ATCs that anyone would be proud to put in their collection. She did a few other awesome things as well. Pauvla thank you for everything you are a wonderful sister. (((hugs)))

My box unfortunately did not have pictures taken as I had wanted to do because I was in a hurry and ended up forgetting.  Of all things thats what I had to forget? But it is. My sister however was kind enough to send a picture of the three handmade items back to me. The rest of it after that was stash items. I have to admit I was laid up with a bad back and didnt feel well most of the time for this swap but didnt want to drop out if I could help it. Anyhow out of my stash I threw in some beads and thread and some friendly plastic. And on the bottom was a breast cancer charm in remembrance of my mother.  So in you patience here is the picture of the cross stitch item I did because it could be done in bed on my back and the two ATC's I sent her that I did:

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