Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Real Post, but 2nd Actual and my fairy painting

Okay so, we get to make the first artistic entry. I want to start it out but introducing you to the main man in my life since I graduated high school.  Though I must admit he has lived with my parents so I don't hurt him. These are pictures of Sam. If you want to know his story I can tell it to you sometime, but I don't feel comfortable writing it out for everyone and their grandma to see.  Without further adieu here is Sam...


I was also in a Secret Sister Box Swap and I hope that my sister loves my box.  This is the box and the goodies I sent. I am anxiously awaiting to hear a reply from her or someone that she likes what she received.


I have recently also painted a purple fairy. Its a Melted Crayon technique that I learned from Martha (seekingforart). After melting the crayons and findingthe image I painted her with acrylics. This was just a process to get my juices flowing so she is only on bristol board which is a little bumpy and I dont care too much for that. But she is.

Please respect that all these items are my creations and do not take images without asking for my consent. And if you use the images you are to credit me. Thank you.

Friday, March 9, 2012

This is to be my blog for art related topics.  I am happy to be starting back into my artistic side as it always kept me healthy and happy.  It was where I found my answers. I have not yet decided if I want this to be a private blog or not.  But I ask for everyones respect of my work and my art and do not remove any pictures from this blog and please unless you link it in pintrest do not pin any of my work.  That said I am very eclectic in my art and run back and forth from one medium to the next. I also enjoy doing an array of multimedia pieces.  Come along for the ride and lets hope its a colorful adventure.

Please hold on for my blog to come together. I realize its not quite set up in any kind of order or anything.  It will get there someday.