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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ady Almanza is offering a new class

Ady Almanza has a new class and it is so worth taking. She is an awesome teacher and her classes are all worth taking I promise. Her work is so beautiful. You will not regret supporting her work I promise. You can also check out her Blog

Monday, March 24, 2014

Update and Some Cards

     I haven't been feeling well lately....since November really. So it seems my art has been on hold. However I have created some cards...I will share two of them here.

     One of the girls in my Online Art Community, Jess, has been giving weekly inspiring challenges for all of us to do if we so choose. She is very good at making cards and scrap booking and really any art stuff that she tries. I think you would find her work very inspirational. I linked her website to her name, so please go check her out. Anyway that was a little rabbit trail, so back to the cards. I have really only done 2 of the challenges sadly because I haven't been feeling well and I have been trying to finish some Journal Pages for a SWAP I entered, and that takes priority. On top of that I have been crafting from my bed and thats not easy for me. I haven't figured out the best solution for everything...and I don't want to get the wet media on my bed and I tend to be a messy crafter.

     So the first Challenge I did was to make a card that was 75% Orange. This is easier said than done but I finally came up with one that I think was good enough, and it had a good message. If you
can't read the message it says:
                  1. SMILE THAT LIGHTS the room
                  2. perfect combination of
                        CHARISMA and CHARM
                  3. my little princess

I used distress paints to paint the background of the card and added a 3 Dimensional sticker at the top with the pink background and the orange daisy. Then in some really ancient stickers I own I found the quote with the message and thought that it was perfect, especially since it was already orange and the lettering is white, I have considered going in and using a micro pen to fill in the white lettering because in my mind it doesn't stand out, but it and the pearls are the only other white to match the stitching on the pink sticker. Although I am considering that I can fill in the letters and make it more legible and then add some white stitching with my white pen to the outer edge of the card as well as to the sticker with the quote. Anyway then I punched out a butterfly and added it to the corner of the quote before I took out some pearls...I used three bigger ones to add to the upper left corner and then added three tiny ones for the body of the butterfly. Oh and as for the white I could also add some dashed white lines as a trail for the butterfly but I also want to do that in black so I left it undone. Then I added shading on everything with a charcoal pencil. So if you can't tell I have been undecided about some of the things in the card and I want to figure out what I should do before I actually make the changes, so as it stands right now this card is unfinished, but I wanted to share it with you because this is how I turned it in for the challenge.

     The next card's challenge was to create a card that was Shabby Chic. Now there are things in this card that I would have changed for sure, however I did turn this in this way and I also gave this
to someone this way as well. My main regret with this card is that I did not reinforce the fan with the lady on it with something like card stock. You can't see it in the picture but that is just paper and it is very flimsy. Anyhow that is some paper I had in my stash and I saw the fan and it just became the center of the card and I designed everything around it. I made  a cut in the paper behind it where that flower is to insert the fan so that it became part of the whole card rather than just sitting on top of everything. I tore a lot of edges and inked everything with distress ink, I believe it was in Vintage Photo. I think it got too dark for what I was trying to do sadly but once it got that dark in one area I had to make the rest dark to match. There are pieces of paper behind some of the torn sections that are showing some script. There is also a doily behind the fan that I feel may be too white but I still like the effect it has. I used some distress stain I have in Spun Sugar to dye the flower trim as well as the flower on the page. I did add some vintage photo to the mix so that it wasn't just stark pink though. Then I added a rhinestone to the flower...but looking at it now I really can't believe I chose a should have been a pearl to match the three pearls I put up in the right hand corner. However I think I did the flower first and then added pearls without considering what I had already done. So maybe its more that the pearls should be rhinestones? But truly I feel like the pearls match the shabby chic theme better than the rhinestone does. Anyway this is what I entered and then I gave this to my aunt and uncle during the holidays to thank them for throwing the get togethers our family was having at the time.

     Anyway, I know this isn't much of an update on my art and I am sorry, but once I feel better I promise I will try to blog more...I haven't been very good about blogging since I started this blog, but it is something I want to change. I want this year to be different...different for my art, my blog, and me. I need to be more together with things. So once I actually feel better and the docs fix me, I will definitely get better...until then I will blog when I can with what I can.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


AWESOME Giveaway over on Prima, these mists are different in that they can be sprayed on METAL and Plastic and such and they still have the color and the sparkly goodness we all love in our sprays!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secret Sister Box Round 2

Its taken me a long time to write about round two. I had an awesome secret sister who sent me some pretty amazing items. She zentangled with acrylic paint and it actually had texture and then coverd it in glossy accents. She also gave me an art Doll thats got to be the cutest lil doll I have seen in a while. She put some metal charms in the box as well. She did a few ATCs that anyone would be proud to put in their collection. She did a few other awesome things as well. Pauvla thank you for everything you are a wonderful sister. (((hugs)))

My box unfortunately did not have pictures taken as I had wanted to do because I was in a hurry and ended up forgetting.  Of all things thats what I had to forget? But it is. My sister however was kind enough to send a picture of the three handmade items back to me. The rest of it after that was stash items. I have to admit I was laid up with a bad back and didnt feel well most of the time for this swap but didnt want to drop out if I could help it. Anyhow out of my stash I threw in some beads and thread and some friendly plastic. And on the bottom was a breast cancer charm in remembrance of my mother.  So in you patience here is the picture of the cross stitch item I did because it could be done in bed on my back and the two ATC's I sent her that I did:

Monday, April 2, 2012

POST 3, and Secret Sisters assigned

WE GOT OUR SECRET SISTERS!!! I am so so so excited.  She is someone I know a little about and its great.

I also went to a flea market and found FOUR old medical encyclopedias that will be great to use as art journals. They are perfect and exactly what I have been looking for. And I can not wait to get started with my art journaling in them. I gat a few boxes and I also got some patterns for cross stitching and other needlepoint crafts. I got 2 large hoops to help with my needle point since the 2 I have are small and I lost one as it is. I also got some eyelash yarn at walmart...its a beautiful fiber. Some of the boxes had things in them.  I also got a jar of buttons. Which is great, I LOVE buttons, they are so useful.

I am happy and my dog is happy and I may have to use a magnifier to do my cross stitch I am ok with that. Its gorgeous and I am proud of my work.  I am working on a present for my cousin who just got married as well as working on my Secret Sister project.

I am hoping to join another swap soon but I can't find one right now. But I will concentrate on making this box as awesome as it can ever be for now. I want my SS to love this more than anything. I want her to think she got the best box out of the group.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Real Post, but 2nd Actual and my fairy painting

Okay so, we get to make the first artistic entry. I want to start it out but introducing you to the main man in my life since I graduated high school.  Though I must admit he has lived with my parents so I don't hurt him. These are pictures of Sam. If you want to know his story I can tell it to you sometime, but I don't feel comfortable writing it out for everyone and their grandma to see.  Without further adieu here is Sam...


I was also in a Secret Sister Box Swap and I hope that my sister loves my box.  This is the box and the goodies I sent. I am anxiously awaiting to hear a reply from her or someone that she likes what she received.


I have recently also painted a purple fairy. Its a Melted Crayon technique that I learned from Martha (seekingforart). After melting the crayons and findingthe image I painted her with acrylics. This was just a process to get my juices flowing so she is only on bristol board which is a little bumpy and I dont care too much for that. But she is.

Please respect that all these items are my creations and do not take images without asking for my consent. And if you use the images you are to credit me. Thank you.